Friday, February 26, 2010

Pick a fight

What the... ,

the plan was we will go at eight in the morning, but at twelve thirty in the night before the plan, change of plan that we will go at four in the morning...

what are they thinking... do they thing we don't need to prepare our self...
I already plan that at least I can sleep for three or four hours but now I thing if I sleep I wont awake in time, so I barely not sleep until then and hope I can sleep at the car.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old works

When the time is ticking and the river is going to the sea, I, my self, ga back to the work I have done several years ago, doing thing like before, collecting files, testing samples, etc.

Well I kind of miss that stuff, doing simple things just to make sure my solution are corrects.
the thing is I try to remember what I did in that time because I got this sign that might be needed in the next assignment I'll got, so it's not an useless work to do. I'm doing it with fun anyway.

So I will start from the scratch, and collecting my expertise in this technology stuff to create a starting point to create a transactional application that can sells. If it won't be used then I still can use it for another purpose anyway.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Interest

I have no interest.

That what I think about myself now.

What are my interest?
book? I read some novel, yes but I'm not really looking for some specific book to read, i'm not even looking for book to read. I like detective story, but then why i'm not finishing my half read book? I just like read book sometimes, I'm not interested in reading book.

music? I like listen to music, yes but I never remember who sing what song. I played the player to play randomly from all what I have without selecting the genre or artist or albums. I like listening to music, I'm not interested in music.

games? I like play games, yes but I'm not really good at it, because i don't play it recently. I play games when I have noting to do, and I get bored after one or two games. I like play games to kill sometimes, I'm not interested in games.

When people have nothing to do in the office, everybody looking for something they interested to in the internet, like reading some automotive stuff, reading some story blog, following some thread in some online forums, or anything they interested in, while I'm looking around and see if somethings good is happening around here.

What am I interested in? I want to know so I can do like everybody else do, look into something they interested in some forum threads or story blogs.


Lately I start reading some blogs, friends and family, I start thinking that their blog are representing what are they thinking and how they feel about an event or a news out there,
they write the blog and got some response that can make them move forward.

Get new opinion and new point of view from the comment and then got another blog to write.

Start with that, lately I just cannot start to write because i don't know what to write.
maybe i just too scared too let other know what i am thinking.

I think this will be my next starting point to be an active people that express my thinking with blogging.