Sunday, November 14, 2010


I wish
somebody hear when I whisper
somebody hear when I screaming
somebody hear what my heart say

I wish
somebody see when I win
somebody see when I lose
somebody see what my self are

I wish
somebody tell when I wrong
somebody tell when I right
somebody tell what they think I can be

I wish... I wish... I wish...
nothing more then a wish
nothing change from a wish

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am just a temporarily in this world
my existence is nowhere to find
no one will remember me in the end
everybody forgot I ever exist
remarkable history only buy some time
because time is walking without stop
and no way for me to go with time

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stay Overnight at In Town Hotel

It was a new experience for me to stay at the hotel which still in town and only one and half hours from home in traffic.

It was the hotel provided by our client that reside next to the client office, and it's not a high class hotel with full accommodation, it's a small hotel with sixteen rooms at the six floor and the hotel only have three floors, but it was good enough for us to stay there.

The hotel got me some interesting experience, first thing was the elevator that making weird sounds and shaking at some floor. And then the bathroom that only two meters by one twenty meters, that almost every time I take a bath, I hit the wall. The other thing was the room's doors are so close each other that I always checked the outside every time the other room was knocked.

But it was fun when we all open the door together in the same floor and talking in the corridor. It just like we were home and have our own room. And it's an experience that refresh my body and mind. After all that I think hotel can become a target for recreation.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New start

I just get my self alone again and I think that was the end of my love story...
but I am sure there was something greater than love that I can achieve in this life.

So I start with "what kind of achievement that I can show to my self?".
I've been thinking some idea that I have dumped in the past.

let me think about it for a while maybe i will do that idea or else maybe I will come up with a new idea
I'll let you know soon

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paid To Click: NeoBux

I just join a "paid to click" program that was available on the net

This paid to click program is a program that will pay you some money for browsing their advertisement on their web,
by clicking the ads they will reward you with small amount of money
but after several days after a routine clicking it will collect some money that can be withdraw to your PayPal account or another trusted internet account

you can also get more from referring some friends
that what I'm going to do now

note: this site is trusted because one because my referral already get hundred dollars more for clicking one month and get his money

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Way to see the world

It's been too long for not update this blog...

Well let me start the topic
It's about what I got recently...
it make me see the world from another view.

that sometime people laugh and cry because of love...
i just know it recently that people in love is suffering
they are suffer because of their own thinking
that want their couple to do more or act more or scared of loosing or else
it's not like i tell you to not fall in love...
it may hurt you sometimes but it also bring some happiness

i start consider love as one of ways too see the world
because people in love will see the world differently

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blood Donors

Today is special because today is my first time become blood donors.

I should have taken some picture when the blood flowing from my hand to the blood bag.
Anyway, I forget because I'm just to excited.

Let just start the procedure before they taking my blood.
First we have to fill the registration form with some detail like name, address, weight, and some medical history question.
Then the officer calling our name as we collect the form, it take some time to get our name called.
When my name was called, I get in the room and met the doctors. The first doctor take my blood for blood sample and test the blood type. She take a needle and sting my middle finger, I'm a bit shock because it sting so hard and fast.
the second doctor is testing my blood pressure, she said it's normal and I can became the donors.

After got permission I have to wait for the other to finish the before they take my blood.
When my turn came, I step in, lay back and the nurse start with strap my sleeve then get the big needle and when the needle injected to the artery it feels like the needle injected to the artery. They start flowing my blood to the blood bag, around 250 cc.

after that I get up and get out the room to another room and get my donors card and some snacks.

Leo Haryanto

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That's why we gather together

Last Sunday, we gathered together at American Grill Sizzler Taman Anggrek Mall

It was me, who start the issue to have a gathering people from MAT (Binusian 2007 IT Night Class). The first reason was I want to see my friend with her seventh month pregnancy.

I ask her and she agree. So the problem are the people, time and place, so I start with the person with most influence between us that. She agree to come and suggesting some place, but she cannot help to spread the message around the others and we haven't decide the place and time.
So I collect some data while asking around the people might come. and in the end we all agree to come to Taman Anggrek Mall at 4 PM at Sunday, March 7 2010.

At the pointed day. The day was right and the time has come, but the people...
people always arrive late...

well I think I was the first come in the front the pointed restaurant then the others come one after another. We start ordering and talking and then laughing. When more people come the crowd become more like nonstop laughing contest. The room was noise, and the audience were hot. And the top topic was the "mother will be" will have a girl and need to do Caesar Surgery because the position of her baby is side way or else. (I'm not really understand about this)

Anyway we have fun together and have some picture taken.

The "mother will be" deliver in 10 weeks.

Here we are who gather together to have some food and fun together.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Long Trip, Good Experience

Have Fun....

I just got back from long trip last weekend, this trip was planned by friends of my cousin, a vacation to the Ujung Genteng, located in south West Java.

It start with the my last blog, in the end I were not slept, just chat while preparing my stuff.
Until around three a.m. after my friends come to pick me. I take a bath and change cloth, we go to the pickup point that is my cousin boyfriend house. We depart at four a.m. with a rented car and got to the cottage around two p.m. because we are waiting the other car that we are waiting for one and half hour. On the way to the cottage, there are a lot of curve and twisted with holes on the road. I and my friend sit at the back and we are jumping all the time in the car.

The first day we got there, around three p.m. we are walking to the beach near the cottage. The scene is good, but the beach are full with coral and steep.

The next day we were going to waterfall.

After get back at afternoon were preparing to go to the breeding turtles to see they spawning.
The rule are we cannot get close to the turtle before it start spawning their eggs, because the turtle will feel not safety and cancel spawning their eggs there. And we cannot ride the turtles.

Day three, we got back to the beach where the turtle spawning in the morning.
the beach is hard to reach, you have to go deep off road until no car can pass the trees, then walk through the trees to reach the beach.

It's a very nice beach with white sand and big waves, there are also estuary, some people are fishing there.

Time to go home and back to work. The way back, we took a different route. This route are less holes on the road, but it's a hilly road.

The trip was fun, and the tiredness was paid by beautiful and fun event.
We got back to Jakarta at eleven p.m.

Rest and got back to office the next day.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pick a fight

What the... ,

the plan was we will go at eight in the morning, but at twelve thirty in the night before the plan, change of plan that we will go at four in the morning...

what are they thinking... do they thing we don't need to prepare our self...
I already plan that at least I can sleep for three or four hours but now I thing if I sleep I wont awake in time, so I barely not sleep until then and hope I can sleep at the car.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old works

When the time is ticking and the river is going to the sea, I, my self, ga back to the work I have done several years ago, doing thing like before, collecting files, testing samples, etc.

Well I kind of miss that stuff, doing simple things just to make sure my solution are corrects.
the thing is I try to remember what I did in that time because I got this sign that might be needed in the next assignment I'll got, so it's not an useless work to do. I'm doing it with fun anyway.

So I will start from the scratch, and collecting my expertise in this technology stuff to create a starting point to create a transactional application that can sells. If it won't be used then I still can use it for another purpose anyway.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Interest

I have no interest.

That what I think about myself now.

What are my interest?
book? I read some novel, yes but I'm not really looking for some specific book to read, i'm not even looking for book to read. I like detective story, but then why i'm not finishing my half read book? I just like read book sometimes, I'm not interested in reading book.

music? I like listen to music, yes but I never remember who sing what song. I played the player to play randomly from all what I have without selecting the genre or artist or albums. I like listening to music, I'm not interested in music.

games? I like play games, yes but I'm not really good at it, because i don't play it recently. I play games when I have noting to do, and I get bored after one or two games. I like play games to kill sometimes, I'm not interested in games.

When people have nothing to do in the office, everybody looking for something they interested to in the internet, like reading some automotive stuff, reading some story blog, following some thread in some online forums, or anything they interested in, while I'm looking around and see if somethings good is happening around here.

What am I interested in? I want to know so I can do like everybody else do, look into something they interested in some forum threads or story blogs.


Lately I start reading some blogs, friends and family, I start thinking that their blog are representing what are they thinking and how they feel about an event or a news out there,
they write the blog and got some response that can make them move forward.

Get new opinion and new point of view from the comment and then got another blog to write.

Start with that, lately I just cannot start to write because i don't know what to write.
maybe i just too scared too let other know what i am thinking.

I think this will be my next starting point to be an active people that express my thinking with blogging.